English for teenagers

Junior courses



Courses specifically designed for students aged 13 to 16 provide the perfect complement to school studies. Dynamic entertaining classes develop interest in learning and cover the 4 skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing as required by the Common European Framework of Reference.

Termly assessment

Once  completed the previous stage of learning and having obtained their YLE certificates, in these groups students acquire higher levels of fluency when speaking and greatly improve their listening comprehension on the way to obtaining B1 and B2 certification before finishing their secondary studies.

Courses include progress assessemt at the end of each term, conversation practice and more complex listening activites, including the vocabulary and structures corresponding to the CEFR levels required by the HE sector.

Step by Step

Our system provides solid, continuous, step by step learning. As students advance they obtain the official Cambridge Assessment English certificates, thus encouraging them to continue and improve their speaking and comprehension skills whilst at the same time accrediting their achievements.

In this way, children joining our courses at 4 or 5 years of age reach the level of Cambridge B2 First in 4º ESO, and those who start later level B1.

Having sat level A2 KET for Schools in the previous level of Primary education, students in our Teens courses prepare to sit the for Schools versions of B1 Preliminary and B2 First. These versions of the exams include content and topics adapted to the experiences and interests of Secondary school age students. The exams correspond to exactly the same levels as the standard versions and lead to obtaining the same certificates.


with Cambridge English

  • Students are more highly motivated.
  • Parents can see the results of their children´s efforts
  • The effectiveness of our courses is demonstrated by external assessment
  • Our students will have a great advantage in their future academic or professional careers


Registration:             40,00 Euros

Complete course:   630,00 Euros

Termly payment:     230,00 Euros

Monthly payment:    83,00 Euros

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