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We organize English courses for adult learners at six different levels from Basic Beginner to B2 Proficiency.

How many hours of study correspond to each level?

Approximatley 100 to 200 hours of study for each level from A1 to C2

eg: from Basic Beginner to B1 a student will need around 350 study hours (3 courses)

Our courses

Classes are taught in groups and follow a dynamic system based upon the spoken word and communicative activities, together with a wide range of audio-visual material (all classrooms are equipped with smartboards) and use text books with audio excercises, all combining to produce an atmosphere to encourage communication in English within the classroom. A student who attends all sessions and actively participates by completing the excercises set by their teacher will achieve the desired level by the end of the course. 

  • native teachers with specific qualifications in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • 9-month courses: September to June
  • three hours of class per week (two days)
  • progress assessment upon completing each 3-month module.
  • morning or evening sessions

1 month, 5 months or 9 months?

1 month - Intensive

Each term Tenidiomas organizes Intensive courses of 3 hours per day during 3 or 4 weeks. These courses offer the perfect opportunity to obtain the maximum progress in the minimum time possible, ending the month with the corresponding Cambridge English examination.

5 months - premium

Those who obtain the appropriate score on their level test may enter directly into one of the  5-month Cambridge Premium courses, which include exam practice sessions, mock exams and additional Speaking/Listening practice to prepare students for the next exam session.

9 months - general​

For those who wish to practice and improve their English at a more leisurley pace, attending classes from September to June. Upon finishing the General course students have the option of taking the corresponding Cambridge English exam.

placement test

Access to the adult courses depends on the results of our free online placement test which allows us to identify the current level of each student and form homogeneous groups that guarantee progress.


September to June

Registration:                40,00 Euros

Complete course:       630,00 Euros

Termly payment:        230,00 Euros

Monthly payment:        83,00 Euros

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