English for children

English for children

Kids 4-12 years

Our courses provide your children with their first contact with spoken English at an early age, of vital importance when it comes to familiarizing younger children with English sounds and pronunciation and consequently enabling them to undersatand, in the most natural way, when listening to spoken English. In the classroom our team of native English teachers, all fully TESOL qualified and with specific teaching experience, use games and songs to practice the rhythm, accent and intonation characteristic of English, all with the help of the latest technology.

Our Kids English courses consist of one hour sessions,  two per week, based on games and songs so that children acquire vocabulary and at the same time learn to recognize and pronounce words and phrases in English. As an additional aid to understanding we make use of the Jolly Phonics system, a method in use in the UK for decades and which consists of teaching children to recognize the 42 sounds that make up the complex English phonolgy system by means of an attractive and entertaining multi-sensorial programme. In addition, all our classrooms are equipped smartboards enabling us to incorporate interactive sound and image into each session. All of this together with material especially attractive for children, such as songs, tales, puppets, theatrical movements, etc.. all designed to combine fluency with excellent pronunciation and the skills necessary to understand what they hear.

External assessment… all included

During this stage of their education, as they advance along the way, all our students sit the three levels of Cambridge Assessment  Young Leaners English: Starters (pre-A1), Movers (A1) and Flyers (A2) and in this way parents obtain a real assessment of the progress achieved by their children during each course and at no extra cost.

Step by step

Our Kids courses adapt their level and methodology to the age of the children, providing a smooth, seamless  introduction to the language. These courses are taught by native, fully quaified English teachers with specific training in Young Learners. At this early age children acquire language in a natural way and achieve excellent levels of pronunciation whilst participating in diverse types of games and motivational activities: listening, repeating and singing in classes that are dynamic and fun. In this way, step by step, our pupils achieve levels of English usage far superior to the average for their age.


September to June

Registration:              40,00 Euros

Complete course:    522,00 Euros

Termly fee:                185,00 Euros

Monthly fee:                67,00 Euros

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