Intensive Cambridge Courses

Intensive Cambridge Courses

July and August

3 hours of tuition each morning focussing upon the content of the exams in addition to providing access to our online platform to do additional excercises at home.

These courses also include additional Speaking sessions and mock exams where participants become familiar with completing different types of excercises within the time allowed on exam day. After each Speaking practice, carried out by teachers highly experienced in assessing Speaking exams, each student receives their score together with advice on how to improve expression and fluency when answering; in this way we are able to provide continuous and personalised assessment of each student’s progress throughout the course.

JULY:        1st to 22nd July, 2019

AUGUST:  30th July to 21st August, 2019


Registration:  40 Euros

A2 KET        455 Euros

B1 PET         465 Euros

B2 First       499 Euros

C1 CAE        510 Euros